9 Best documentary movies online

There are many websites, which users can use to watch movies online. The movies are available free of cost and users can watch them without paying any amount and without any registration. Besides movies, the websites also have documentaries which users can watch free of cost. There are many websites where users can watch or download documentaries. Here are the popular documentaries, which users can watch.


1. Man with a movie camera

This is a silent documentary, which was released in 1929. It was directed by Dziga Vertov. The documentary is based on futurism and constructivism. Vertov spent a day in the urban area of Russia. The main aim of the director was to make the camera and celluloid. It resulted in a good piece of documentary and was toted man with a camera.

2. Crumb

Robert Crumb is a cartoonist who made many pictures showing the dysfunctional USA. He told that he aroused sexually because he saw the sight of Bugs Bunny. The Crumb is a documentary in which an artist is shown who is making deferent types of pictures in order to show modern-day America. Crumb’s former friend shoots him. The documentary also shows that Crumb shows his house where he and his brothers used to read comics.

3. Grey gardens

This documentary was directed by David and Albert Maysles. In this documentary, the hypnotic properties of human behavior are picturized. The documentary starts with a shattered mirror and chaos, which can be very frustrating. In the later part, everything becomes organized. The documentary was made in 1975. There are two women named Edith Beale and Little Edie. Both of them saw a clipping in which a mother is scolding her daughter to clean the house. Edith did the same to her little sister and in the end, Little Edie became an icon of gay culture.

4. A Propos de Nice

This documentary was made by jean Vigo who was the brother of Vertov. Vigo’s father was imprisoned when Vigo was 12 years old. The documentary is exquisite. Vigo lived at Nice’s house, which is nearby the Mediterranean Sea. Both of them enjoyed the pleasure of living there. Nice, the child, suffered from smallpox.

5. Fahrenheit 9/11

This documentary was made by Michael Moore who featured Bush’s action due to the attacks done in 2001. Michael won Palme d’Or from Quentin Tarantino’s Cannes jury in 2004. Because of this, he got support from ordinary citizens. In the first half of the documentary, there were a lot of questions related to the book House of Bush, House of Saud. It also showed Bush’s cabinet who was interested in war.

6. The Sorrow and the Pity

This documentary was made by Marcel Ophuls in 1960. He was asked by French TV to shoot a documentary, which should be related to Nazi occupation in the period between 1940 and 1944. The maker revealed old sins and old witnesses. Later, he came with a documentary whose duration was 265 minutes. The documentary could have aroused patriotic fervor so it was not released until 1981.

7. Nanook of the North

This documentary is related to the birth of a nation. This movie cast a shadow of the movies in which grammar and syntax of the documentary were shown. It also showed the flaws and controversies ob the movies. The documentary was made by Robert Flaherty in1913. The early footage of the documentary was lost due to fire.

8. Grizzly Man

This documentary was made by Werner Herzog, which is based on a true-life story. The main character of the documentary was Treadwell who died before the documentary could be released. Herzog then added many shocking truths about Treadwell in the movie. Treadwell presented himself that he was a wildlife expert though he was not.

9. The Thin Blue Line

This documentary was developed by Errol Morris in which it is featured that Randall Adams has killed a police officer in Dallas in 1976 without any motive. David Harris came to know about the crime and caught him. Adams was given a death sentence for his crime.


These are some of the documentaries which users can watch free of coast. They can search for them and other documentaries and watch them online or download them.