9 Awesome Experimented Tips to Develop Your Personality

We meet many people in our life but there are few out there who inspire us. When we meet such people we say that this person has got a pleasant personality. Such people are always happy with a smile on their face and wherever they go people respect them, like them, invite for parties and also get promoted in their employment. It’s natural that everyone wants to have such a pleasant personality. I will share with you few points which will help you in gaining such personality.

  • 1. Do like people genuinely

    Do like people genuinely
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    When we meet someone for the first time we create an image of that person, it can be positive, negative or neutral. But if we need to improve our personality it’s very important for us that we intentionally create a positive image of that person. We need to train our mind in such a way that who so ever we meet we such good things about that person and not the bad ones. I believe that’s not a difficult task if we train our mind to do so. We need to patient and calm, whenever you feel irritated by their flaws or imperfections put your foot in their shoes and feel the situations they might have gone through.

    Always learn to celebrate the differences instead of cribbing it. Nowadays there’s lots of negativity spreading everywhere like robbery, fraud, cheating on one another, etc. This might be the reason that we have stopped trusting people. It’s not that we should trust people blindly but that doesn’t mean that we should blindly distrust people. There are many people who we can trust and who can be good to you. If your good that to that person then for sure the person will also be good to you.

    A quote by Dalai Lama “In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.” 

  • 2. Meet People with Pleasant Smile

    Meet People with Pleasant Smile
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    When you meet your bestie what is the first thing you do? Isn’t a smile it? When you smile it actually means that you like that person. This is applicable to every relation. Whenever you meet someone you should have a genuine smile on your face and you will probably too get a smile in return. At the time it happens that due to personal grudges you might not get that smile in return, but you shouldn’t get disappointed as you have played your part well.

    Smiling at someone is not a difficult task, you just need to smile and get that small curve on your face. Many people have this naturally, but many people don’t think through such things and such people should make this as a practice in their life. It will help you’ll have an attractive personality. Well, there’s a great advantage when you smile within. As per some research, when we smile within then our external expression also change and there is a happy atmosphere around us.

  • 3. Remember the Name

    Remember the Name
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    Like you all know that for your name is very import than anything else in the world. Whoever you have a conversion with you should keep taking their names at few intervals, it makes the opposite person feel special and comforted. It usually happens that we do not remember names after some time but if we really want to and do it with true intentions then it won’t be a difficult task for us.
  • 4. Always keep “You” before “I”

    Always keep 'You' before 'I'
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    Who will you like? The one who listens to you or the one whom you listen to? Obviously, you will prefer the one who listens to you. It’s in ourselves that we always want people to listen to what we say. But think the other way round that how will you feel when some give you a chance to speak and use this funda of keeping “You” before “I”. You feel special, isn’t it? The same way one should always allow the opposite person to speak first.
  • 5. Tone of you voice is important

    Tone of you voice is important
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    The tone of your voice is very important than what you speak. For an instance, if you apologize for someone with weird fake faces then there’s no meaning of it. With our words, it’s also important that our tone goes with it. We should try and be polite and well-mannered when we speak to someone. So, as speakers, we must be concerned with showing the suitable tone of voice and have the proper tone for the message we need to communicate.
  • 6. Help people whole heartedly without any greed

    Help people whole heartedly without any greed
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    Many a time we help people but that’s out of laziness or with greed. A person with good personality will always be ready to help without any greed. That doesn’t mean one should leave their important work and help others but can explain the opposite person in a polite and gentle way about his situation and confirm him that he will be there for him after his work is done. Helping selflessly will make you feel proud within and others will also feel proud of you.
  • 7. Your external appearance should be better

    Your external appearance should be better
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    Our first impression is basis our appearance. By appearance, I didn’t mean that you should join a gym or go to the beauty parlor, etc. It simply means that one should dress up as per the occasion and should take care of its personal hygiene as well. You should look presentable.

    “The way we dress affects the way we think, the way we feel, the way we act & the way others react to us.” – Judith Rasband

  • 8. Learn to appreciate

    Learn to appreciate
    No matter who you are it’s always a good habit to appreciate someone. If you want to be friends with someone, appreciation is the best formula. In every individual, you will find that one thing to appreciate, which can be anything say it a garden, smile, dressing style, collection, etc. This can make the person feel glad and make their day. But see that you don’t fake it because even kids will come to know if we are giving fake appreciation.
  • 9. Observe and try to improve continuously

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    Personality development is an ongoing process you cannot say that I am done improving myself. You should remove time for yourself and observe yourself minutely that where you need to improve that can be the way you communicate, the words you use to communicate, etc.

I hope these tips will help you in building your personality. But that doesn’t mean you should just read and forget it, we need to implement this in our life to experience the change in your life which will help you to look ourselves and the people around us in a positive way. Hopefully, someday you will be something more and better person than you are right now.