8 Rules of Self-Motivation by Chanakya

We all are human and we all are social animals. The human mind is full of past current and future thoughts. New desire, ideas, and feeling are running in our mind all the time. The mind is very free to get all thoughts  while this might be difficult to implement all these into real life. Many of the time we make up our mind and try to follow that desired though but we couldn’t get the desired destination. We have to try on for that. This is not only today’s talk but same situation happening from ancient time. To follow all our thoughts and dream we need to follow some path in life to get success. Chanakya – the knowledgeable strategist has given very golden rule in of life. He was the great politician, strategist, and writer around 350 BC. Here we are about to discuss some ‘Golden life rules’ given by Chanakya.

Do Not Show Your Anger in Public

Do Not Show Your Anger in Public

As we know is unplanned thing will always come as a difficult thing. Sudden anger is also like that. If we are showing our great anger in front all public that will make your impression negative for lifetime. We always need to be alert about our surrounding atmosphere before expressing our feelings.

‘If you can’t control your emotions, someone else will. ‘This saying is perfectly fit for this situation. In our life anger will only cause the problem. Most of the problems can be solved in a calm way without showing anger. One you will learn to deal in calm way anger will not take place anymore. Public anger will ruin your good image. That will take very long time to change that impression from public. Little control on yourself for someone will change your impression.

Keep Positive Attitude to accept your mistake

Keep Positive Attitude to accept your mistake

No one is perfect in this world. If you want to be perfect you need to practice hard for it. The mistake is part of our life. if we keep our self in the positive mood and make our mind to learn from the previous mistake then we are on the path of success. We need to keep sporty spirit toward all mistake happened by us.

The mistake is the proof that you are trying for something. If we will take face away from the mistake and keep on doing the same thing it is not suggested the way. Need to do an analysis of our past mistake and take the positive conclusion from that. Then only our life will go on the right track. Positivity will always help us to achieve the right thing. The same thing is applied here. Learning from a mistake is the best way to learn. Our life should be our teacher.  We can say that mistake is allowed but repeated mistake is not allowed.

Do it with Perfection

Do it with Perfection, Otherwise Don’t

Success can’t bring from a market, we have to earn it with our input. Same way if we are doing anything with no importance and less interest definitely we cannot produce desired output from that. To get the best output we need to do best. W need to put our 100% afford for that work. Then only the best result will touch our feet.

Our action without proper planning and management will not lead us to the perfection. To get perfection proper planning and proper interest is the must. It is better to do with the best importance rather not to do that work with the waste of our time. Many times we feel that the work we love to do makes ur more fascinating and the work we don’t like or don’t want to do feels tiresome job to do. Better to keep the best input in specific small or huge work and then no any lock can hold success from coming in your hand.

Overcome Your Laziness

Overcome Your Laziness

Most of us people take an extra layer of laziness in our life. If we will remove that laziness factor from life it will become more active. Some of the work is like we only have to do. If we will show our laziness towards that and keep avoiding that work it will be collected. And at the end deadline time, big amount of work will come at a time. And that will be quite unmanageable.

The best thing is to keep our lazy feeling aside and work on time. Make a formula of ‘Today and Now’ in life and then everything will be so smooth going. No, any collection of work, no any rush our will generate. That means no more tension only smooth work. Also, laziness will cause health problem while active life makes you fit. This is quite basic thought to be healthy and active as well as be successful by our work.


Have a Clear Mind

The mind is a thought box. Lots of thought new and old idea is passing through it all the time. We are physically active or not but our mind active all the time even in a night in the form of dreams. But sometimes we need to avoid all these passing thoughts and have a perfect planning in life. We need a planning for a specific goal. Without any clarity of mind, we are unable to reach perfect point. It is said that empty mind is evil’s house, we need clear focus to each and everything to make it perfect.

All the work without perfect concentration and unclear mind will not make any sense. That will not lead us to the desired destination. To win we need focus mind. If we are going on a random path with unclear thoughts that means we are going on a path of failure. We just make up our mind and keep it straight forward towards our goal in life. If our mind is not sticking  at the right point, it means we are doing the unsuccessful task. ‘A person who cannot decide his goal, simply cannot win’ said by chanakya.


Self Improvement is Best Success Trick

The best help one can do for themselves is to do self-improvement. As this is the key to making our self at an upper level. For that first, we need to perfect goal setting for ourselves. We need to practice for all possible things which may help to develop our personality. One need to do SWOT analysis of themselves to check their strength, Weakness and Opportunities lie with them.

Once we are coming with our new self-developed personality we can do the lot more than before. We will feel charged up with new confidence and enthusiasm. The basic idea behind all this is to develop our self in each possible way and start our life with best new level. We also need to attempt all risky thing and impossible things into possible. That is the sign of true motivation and development. This decision will make the long jump in our life path also get the best appreciation from people. To be successful we just need to start development from the basic step and then ahead and ahead. There is no way to look back only coming new way will make us more knowledgeable and change our life.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Honesty is the Best Policy

‘Good Deed will always give the best result’ if we are doing all life hacks by following good life rules, one day we will get the success. One of the best life policies is to show Honesty towards others. As per saying, it is the best policy one can easily show. If you are honest in life all another good thing will automatically come to you like, good behavior from others, respect, and people’s trust to you, good relation, and the most important is self-satisfaction.

One might be dishonest to other people for once or twice but not more than that. Because that will definitely make the bad impression on their mind and try to avoid you for a lifetime. It is very difficult to change our bad impression into good. If you are honest, people will also be the life that with you. One good life habit will help you to each and every point in life.

Motivation for Better Life

Motivation for Better Life

Motivation adds an extra plus in our life. It will play a great role in anyone’s life. To get the success it will help to reach us at a final destination. Sometimes we are tired from physically but if we mentally strong and enough motivated to get that, then we will be able to complete that work at any cost. Motivation will open up our deep dreams and desires for life.

Many people are self-motivated and others might get that from others. Many times we are attending motivational seminars and read motivational books. And in actual, we feel enough motivated, fresh and charged up for our next life goal. If we won’t get that we might slow our speed to get the same. It is very natural that if we are not willing to anything than the not even spiritual thing can help us. But if you are eager to do something and feel positive for that then all world power will help us to get that. One time motivation will make lots of difference in life then, regular period motivation will change our life in all ways and take us to the highest point. Keep motivated, keep motivating!