7 Hot Wedding Food Trends

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, when you hear the word “wedding”? if you are foody like me, then I am pretty sure your answer will be “food”. Believe it or not, but the food is the main attraction at weddings after the bride and the groom.

Every person notices the food quality, its presentation, and the menu. So, it should be amazing and delightful. Along with the food menu, food presentation is also important as everyone wants to have the best food presentation.

Being foody, I know food presentation matters a lot. Even, with time, the food industry is also adapting new trends and changes to present the food at different events.
I was also not aware of these modern trends and methods of food presentation but when we hired wedding caterers in Chandigarh for my brother’s wedding, I got to know about all of them.

We had the best catering services from them so I would like to talk about that, if you are also looking for hot catering trends that are popular these days. By adopting these amazing trends, I am sure that your event is going to be a big hit as your guests will go … “wow”.
Here are these amazing top wedding trends, some of them are new and some have been around a long time.

1. Buffet for Large Events

Buffet for Large Events

The buffet has been in trend for long and it is known as the easiest way for feeding a lot of people at once. According to me, it is the best method as you don’t have to worry about serving the guests. They can do it by themselves. Also, buffet is suitable for grand events like a wedding.
Do you know? They can be cold or hot, formal or casual, and you can personalize them also by adding or removing something so it can be budget-friendly for you. For a change, I will suggest you try food stations as they are the newest and well suited for buffets.

2. Family-Style Dining for Intimacy

Family-Style Dining for Intimacy

What do you think about an intimate dinner with family at the wedding? isn’t it a good idea? Like we all know, family dinner is one of the rare moments in our life. So, why to take a chance by letting it go? Just grab it and arrange a wonderful family dinner at the wedding night.

With the bowls and platters of food at the wedding night with the whole family, nothing can be beautiful than this. Cherish all the happy moments you had till now!!

3. Go Wow with Fountains of Chocolate

Believe me, if you are having this thing at the wedding, it will be a piece of attraction among all the guests. Imagine, mini chocolate fountains everywhere at the event. It will give an amazing look to your wedding party.
This trend will make your wedding different from others and people are going to talk about this for a long time. You can also try dipping items like fresh fruits, pretzels, marshmallows, and cookies, etc. along with this!!

4. Drink and Food Pairings for A Rehearsal Dinner

Many people are there who like leisurely and slow dinner so this trend is good for them. Do you ever think about this type of thing where you can enjoy food slowly at a wedding? Yes, you heard it right!! This is about testing wine or beer at the starting as a traditional rehearsal dinner.
It offers five or four meals paired with the beer or wine for every course. So, you can just enjoy your dinner with drinks.

5. Street Food with Ethnic Fusion

Woohoo! You know what, “street food” is one of my favorites. Being a food lover, I know that nothing is tasty than this. This is the hottest trend that everybody is applying at their wedding.
You can go with Chinese dim sum to Indian gol-gappas as it will give it a look of ethnic touch with the international wedding food menu. Trust me, every person will love this combo.

6. Light Bites with These Starters

Nowadays, no person will think about serving heavy food like fatty double pork chops, rich cream sauces, and deep-fried apps to the large crowd. I guess serving light and healthy yet satisfying, flavored and colorful starters will be so much good.

Although these bites are light and healthy but guess what, they are budget-friendly too. By having these, you are spending very less for the fresh into your menu.

7. Local Food for Having Different Menu

Are you planning a destination wedding? if yes, then you can go for this. You can add the local and famous dish of your chosen place that will make your menu different from others. Additionally, it will also make your guests happy as they will also taste the different food for the first time if they have not been there before.
Try to hire local caterers for preparing this type of food as they will do it properly and will make the food tastier.

These are some hot food trends that you can have at the events nowadays. I hope you will like my suggestions and surely apply one of them at any of your events. Adapt these trends and just remember weddings are meant to do: Dance, Eat, and Repeat!!!