7 best mantra to buy happiness in life

Friends, Do you know how to buy happiness in our life?   As we know how much our life is full of ups and down. We have to go through the hectic schedule. Each and every day we have many things to do. Some of the things we like but also we dislike many things while doing. It may happen many times that we know what is right and what one should do then also we are not following that path. Here we are about to share some very basic and generous path of living life. If we will start following that, then life will be more enjoyable. All these stuff will fill your life with more happiness and give you an experience of the joy of giving.

So, Lets Read 7 best mantra to buy happiness in life


  • 1. Don’t enjoy when someone talking about someone else.

    happiness fact 1 - Don’t enjoy when someone taking about someone else
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    Since childhood, we are advised about not to share other people talk to the third person. It is wise to be clear on the face not at back. If any person is talking bad about another person we should not be a part of that conversation directly or indirectly.
    If we will start talking bad about one person, with other people that, will influence our thinking in a negative way. Also, bad habit will build in us of keep on doing the same.
    Some people have a habit that, they will make you speak badly about the third person and then inform to the same person. Batter we need to keep quite and behave like deaf and dumb with them. Otherwise, our mind will soon get spoiled!
  • 2. Don’t do Comparison

    happiness fact 2 - Don’t do Comparison
    Many people keep the comprising factor as a measurement of their happiness. Actually, we should avoid doing any type of comparison with others. Dear, god has given us one unique awesome life. Why we need to waste that by imitating anyone else.
    Yes, if we are comparing and demanding as them, we are setting up our own limits. No high sky can touch our uniqueness. One quote to remember that, ”Don’t follow the crowd. Make crowd follow you.” We have to be like that to get something different.
    It is also true to get inspired by other people’s thought and idea but imitating makes you lazy makes you short. Take an idea and give influence of your imaginary world then there will be no chance to make a comparison with any else.
  • 3. Never be dependent on others

    happiness fact 3 - Never be dependent on others
    Many times we are watching people not able to work properly. Main reason behind that is they are expecting someone else to be done that work. Many of them are skillful in be dependent and take credit of that work. But that trick won’t work every time. Many times we will find negative side of that.
    The most important thing is to Be Independent. Not only in terms of money matters but also in every aspect of life. Self-dependent makes you confident also.
    Many times we just keep sitting by holding our hand waiting for someone else to do our work. As a fact, that is not possible to another person also to do the same each time. ” Too much expectation will lead you to grief.” If we are self-dependent we can do all work in an own way, own risk, own style, own time.
  • 4. Don’t Regret for past

    happiness fact 4- Don't Regret for past
    As yesterday’s newspaper is not useful today, the same way past thinking will not help us to run our today. Suppose any mistake happened by us in past days then we can’t waste our present days by keep on remembering that.
    Do regret but not daily. Mistake takes place in our life to give some important life lesson. We just need to remember that lifelong lesson instead of regretful feeling.
    If we are engaged in our past life only, we never have been able to enjoy our golden present time properly. Big bright future is in our hand then why to waste it by overcoming our past matters. We should live more in present and always think about future plans.
  • 5. Less talk, More Action

    happiness fact 5- Less talk, More Action
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    Many times we do a discussion about the things which are next to impossible to us and waste our many important healthy working hours. There are many unique and unimaginable things happened in the world. Day by day. But our main concern is to get what fits in our shoe.
    If we are keeping our desirable goal and run to chase that in right way, then surely it will turn to be true. The main focus needs on implementing. If we will not do any implementation of our thoughts and discussion then it will turn into the loss.
    If we will see our opportunity and make our action plans for that, it will give great result afterward.
  • 6. don’t go for shortcut works

    happiness fact 6- Never choose shortcut
    shortcut in life is a sign of being the lazy one. In life, we must travel the right path. If we are not willing to do work properly and desire result in short cut way, the result will not be as per expected.
    By shortcut, you may reach your destination, but the root of this success will be always weak. That success will be temporary. Long but right path gives us a satisfactory result. At starting point, we might feel that short path is the best path. But at the end, we always came to know that it’s not working.
    If we set our own rules for work that will turn into pure success and we will reach our desired destiny. Taking the shortcut make the result as per our deeds. The best way will always pay off a result, whether the result will come in near future or in a later part.
  • 7. Never do worry for things which are not in hands

    happiness fact 7- Never do worry for things which are not in hands
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    Many a time, we have gone through that pressure situation. Where we take it naturally or our own but it doesn’t make any sense to do so. If the situation is same and we are not able to any change in that, at that point in time there is no use of having tension. Rather tension and worries make us weak physically and mentally.
    In any odd situation, we are keeping patients and find a way to tackle out that situation calmly; a solution is always there in the way. We just simply need to do solution without being panic.
    That out of hand situation can only be cured by calm decision. But we are doing only worries instead of proper action plan we are making the waste of time and opportunity. Having faith in a situation makes us more patience and helps to make the right decision with being in tension.

We will start getting all positive sign gradually with little change in our behavior and thoughts. If thought idea and action are pure, no power is there to stop us. Need to show some courage to change our life, thoughts, and way of living.  

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