5 funny but interesting fact about your jeans

5 Interesting fact about jeans

Jeans one of the most famous garment, which is probably most common and comfortable outfits too.
Men or women, boy or girl everyone has at least one garment in their wardrobe and that is jeans. It is mainly because of its easy maintenance and comfort. The style and structure of jeans have changed according to time but it is not out of fashion.

They have a wonderful appearance but the story behind the materials used is very interesting. Every part of it has some story behind it that is very prevailing. So we are going to disclose some interesting facts which you wouldn’t be aware

1. Do you know how “Jeans” keyword invented?

 how Jeans keyword invented

According to a widespread historical saga, a French in the 19th century invented jeans in a small town called Nimes. The fabric is made from jeans which are called in the French language as “Serge” and thus their name “Serge de Nimes” and so it came to be called in short as “denims”.

This was about denims, but what about “jeans”?
Soon Denims become extremely popular in Europe And it was mostly used by Genoa’s sailors. Whenever these guys went to France they used to buy jeans in bulks. These paints were so famous among sellers that they began to give them as a tribute and started keeping nicknames.

2. Why is the color of jeans blue?

Why is the color of jeans blue

The world’s first jeans were created in blue color. People like labors or any kind of jobs which were like laborers used to wear them whose clothes used to quickly be dirty. Keeping this in mind, the world’s first jeans has a deep blue color because to was to overcome the dirt accumulated and also help to lower the visibility of these defects.

Another main reason was the export of the “neil” means indigo from India to Europe. Earlier in Europe, when indigo was not exported, in Europe there was particular leaf which was used to color jeans. These leafs would give light blue color to the jeans. In comparison, indigo was far cheaper and would give better color. After indigo reached Europe the way of coloring jeans completely changed.

3. you will always see YYK Printed on jeans.. did you try to know why ?

YYK Printed on jeans

The same company offers almost every world branded jeans zip. If you’ve ever had noticed, you will know that the jeans you purchased or the jeans which you wore ,almost each have “YKK” zip. These English ‘characters ‘ are printed on the back of the zip. It is “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha” which is a Japanese company and it means “Yoshida Company Limited”. In 1934, it was known as Tadao Yoshida and today also this company makes zippers for most of the branded jeans companies.

4. Why does jeans have small pocket?

Why does jeans have small pocket

This part of the jeans we have seen but we have never thought about it. Even If some people have noticed it they mustn’t even give it a thought. Is it to keep coins or tickets? We all may have a different user of it. You’d be surprised to learn that there are no such reasons behind this little pocket .

Leading manufacturer of jeans Levis has posted on its blog about the reasons behind this small pocket. They said on their blog that the pocket is made to keep pocket watches in it. These are the oldest jeans pocket, which was in the year 1879. According to this blog, the world’s first blue jeans were having just 4 in the pockets, one back, two pockets in front and a small watch Pocket. These Pocket keeps the last parts to tight so that the Pocket is the right place. Rivets look good and slow it helps ti keep stitching intact . Jacob wasn’t having enough money to get the patent of it. So he approached a wholesaler Levi Strauss who was based in San Francisco and told him to get the patent.

5. why jeans’s tiny pockets have reverse metals buttons ?

jeans tiny pockets have reverse metals buttons

if you think these buttons are only show off then you are wrong. there is a story behind this. In old days, labors were using these jeans. their work was too much physical involvement. pockets were torn because of rough uses. One American tailor “Jacob Davis” thought that how I can fix this issue. people were poor. they can not repair again and again by spending money. Jacob starts putting these button (called as rivets) in reverse order. This button mainly put in a corner of the pocket. so that buttons keep pockets join tightly.
rivets prevent stitches from breaking.

you know, main interesting part still remains. Jacob had not enough money to patent this logic. so he approach San Francisco-based wholesalers Levi Strauss. He made this patent. 🙂

Someone has said truly that idea/invention doesn’t bounded with poor or rich. these work only make different into a dictionary.