5 cool hairstyle ideas you can make in 30 Minutes

there is a popular phrase – First impress is the last impression. isn’t ? and trust me “hairstyle” is one of the key things to make your impression strong.

Sometime, You might be running late either for a meeting or your kids have already consumed too much of your time that you have been left with no more than 30 minutes in your hand.

Fret not! We have curated the list of the hairstyle you can confidently step out in that would require less than 30 minutes of your time so that you do get a few minutes to look in the mirror and drool over your amazing hair.

We will go over drool-worthy hairstyle & hair extensions that will turn heads in that party you’re running into.

Let us see these gorgeous hairstyles without wasting our precious time.

1. Milkmaid Braid

hairstyle tips Milkmaid Braid

Milkmaid Braid is a wonderful way to bind your hair up. It has mainly two braids wrapped on top of the head and you’re free to choose different types of braids in order to change the look.

Steps to make this hairstyle are:

  • Prepare your hair for styling – Detangling is the first thing that you must do. After that, put some anti-frizz cream or serum if your hair is frizzy one. Whatever you’re applying, properly distribute it throughout the hair.
  • Create a centre part – Straight centre is very much required in this hairstyle. You’ve to create it all the way from forehead to nape of the neck. You can use the pointed end of the comb(rat tail comb) to trace the part and separate the strands. You can also use a pencil or blunt scissors if you don’t have such a comb. Recheck that after dividing the hair that whether you’ve separated both sides with the same amount of hair.
  • Decide if you want to leave any hair outside the braids- You can prepare this hairstyle in two ways, either you can braid your hair, or you can leave a few outsides in order to frame your face.  The first one would look more polished and tidy while the second one would look a bit casual.
  • Consider securing your hair with elastics- After parting the hair, you must decide whether you’ll tie your braid base with an elastic or not. Since elastics would be visible after the whole process, consider using small and hair coloured elastics. If you don’t want to use elastics, you can secure one side while working with another.
  • Decide how tight you want your braids to be- No matter you choose a normal braid or a robe braid or any other, you can choose a tight or a loose one. Again, with braids would result in a polished look, while the loose one would consequent in a casual one.
  • Consider a fishtail braid- Instead of a classic braid, you can make a fishtail braid in order to look more interesting.
  • Secure the braids on top of your head and hide its ends- Once you’re finished with both the braids, place them on the top of the end securing it with bobby pins. While you’re applying pins, make sure of hiding the ends which are not braided.
  • Style the front and end with hair spray- The hair which was left to braid must get a style. Now, it’s time to do that. And lastly, in order to keep your style intact and to prevent flyaway, spray on a bit of hairspray when you’re done with the style.

2. Waterfall braid 

hairstyle Milkmaid Braid

It is a kind of romantic hairstyle that would look pretty perfect for your next date. Let us see how?

Few steps to make waterfall braid are:

  • Add volume if desired – Securely add thin clip-in hair extensions near the root to give the braid added volume. Measure your clip-in pieces and trim as required (one-inch section is preferred).
  • Section hair- A deep side part should be created. After that, grab a section of hair on the right side and divide it into pieces.
  • Cross the sections- You have to take the top piece of the hair closest to the hairline and then have to cross it off the middle (letting it hanged).
  • Create your waterfall- Take the button piece and cross it over the middle piece. Instead of crossing the hanged one, create a regular French braid leaving the hanging piece as waterfall effect. After that, you have to take the top and the bottom piece and cross them over each other once. Repeat the above two steps until you’ve reached your required braid length.
  • Elevate your braid- After finishing the last braid, hold the last two pieces and secure them with an elastic. Do the same thing for the other side as well. Now cross the two braid ends and pieces it by crossing two bobby pins in an X shape.
  • Set in place- Sprinkle a few texture powders and hold your style in place with your hairspray. Repeat the same with the other side

3. Low Rolled Bun

hairstyle Waterfall braid

A bun is the partner of our hurry. When we have some important work to do and our hair becomes the disturbing element, we opt for a bun.

How would it be if we do it with style? Wouldn’t it be awesome? Yes, Definitely. Let us see how to do it.

Few steps to make low rolled bun are:

  • Make a ponytail- Brush your hair properly and make a ponytail with an elastic. Don’t make it a tight one, try doing loose and at low.
  • Part your hair- Parting is very essential for this type of hairstyle. Make a hole in the base of the ponytail. This hole is called Topsy.
  • Make a topsy- After this, you pull your pony up and pass it through the parted pair. Repeat this step once again in order to reach the goal.
  • Set the hair- After making two topsides, secure the roll with Bobby pins. Apply a bit hairspray after this entire process.

Step out in gorgeous confidence and nail that meeting or seminar or be the queen of your class and make all the heads turn at that party you must be rushing to.


4. Textured and tossed messy ponytail

Textured and tossed messy ponytail


Ponytails have always been an easy rescue for a woman. Either wearing a chic saree or a hot and sexy jumpsuit, a ponytail with some twists can wonderfully complement the whole look. The best part comes in as it needs not much hassle and time to make up when in a hurry.

Follow these easy steps to get this look:

  • Prep the texture: Try skipping on your shampoo for the day, let your hair be a little greasy. Fret not! It helps with the messy vibes. (Or maybe splurge some hair spray to get the texture)
  • Make a pony: Take a teasing comb and carefully avoiding any bumps in the hair make a ponytail.

5. Relaxed sweepy back braid

Textured and tossed messy ponytail


Long hairs can easily experiment with a number of hairstyles, unlike its shorty friend. The real task though comes in when running out of the time we need a chic and gorgeous look for our hairs. Well, long hair beauties worry not.

Follow these steps for this look:

  • Sweep your hair: using your hands sweep the halfback of your hair now tease it to the other half back of your hair near the crown area.
  • Braiding: Now French braid your hair and tuck the end underneath using some hairpins.

And here you go. An easy-breezy look that won’t cost you more than minutes

Step out in gorgeous confidence and nail that meeting or seminar or be the queen of your class and make all the heads turn at that party you have to be rushing to.