Eat One Guava Daily And Get 5 Amazing Health Benefit

Fruits always are a rich source of nutrients, vitamins and minerals for a human body, and guava is on the top of the list. Being considered as a popular fruit in the Asian region, guava not only has delicious flavour but also has the variety of advantages for our health. Guava can be used in cold, cough, high blood pressure, obesity treatments or a skin care remedy. Nowadays, guava is becoming a favourite fruit in western countries due to its huge benefits. They can combine guava with other ingredients to make wonderful dishes providing them with health benefits. And guava juice is also a refreshing drink.

This is a great fact of guava, a cheap and popular fruit. If western people have the phrase about the magic of apples as “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, so they can create a similar one for guava because guava deserves a title of one of the best fruit for human health. If you cannot wait to know which health benefits of guava are, here is the list for you to discover them and add guavas in your diet from now on.

  • 1. Weight loss

    Weight los
    Lose weight without doing exercise is a dream of many people, and guava can make their dreams come true by its high level of roughage, minerals and vitamins, especially, it contains no cholesterol and a low number of carbohydrates. If you add a guava to your lunch, it will keep you feeling full until the evening, and if you choose a raw guava, you will consume less sugar like other fruits as apples, oranges or grapes. That means you will own a thin body with a guava every day. Thanks to its rich source of nutrients, guava also a secret weapon for people who want a weight gain. Do don’t worry about your weight, because guavas can work well on it.
  • 2. Skin Care

    Skin Care
    Fruits are very beneficial to our skin, and guava is not an exception. The texture of your skin can be improved by nutrients in guavas. Compared with other expensive toners or creams, guavas can provide your skin with more water, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and potassium. They will help you to avoid skin problems such as premature ageing, wrinkles and keep your skin glowing. You can eat guavas or drink guava juice; it will tighten and tone up your skin.
  • 3. Eyes Health

    Eyes Health
    There are many vitamins in guavas, including vitamin A that is a good property for our eyes. Consuming guavas every day can
    boost your vision. Also, this kind of fruit can prevent your from dangerous symptoms as degradation of eyesight and keep macular degradation slow. Even when your vision starts to degrade, guavas still improve it.
  • 4. Cold Treatment

    Cold Treatment
    Do you always think of taking medicine whenever you get a cold? But now, you can drink raw guavas juice instead because it is a good remedy for relieving colds and coughs. Vitamin C and iron in guavas can against colds and viral injection. In India, roasted ripe guava is considered as a popular and simple remedy for colds and coughs. But you shouldn’t drink water after eating guava since it can cause a sore throat. Hence, you don’t need medicine for your cold, all you need are some guavas and it’s refreshing juice.
  • 5. Cancer Prevention

    Cancer Prevention
    Cancer is really a nightmare of human race killing millions of people every year. Fortunately, guavas can deal with cancer due to its ability to inhibit cancer cells to grow. According to many studies which have been conducted recently showed effects of guavas on breast cancer, oral cancer and prostate cancer. Lycopene in guavas can reduce prostate cancer risk. Vitamin C also strengthens your immune system, making a strong fence to defence free radicals in the body. Therefore, you absolutely stay cancer-free if you conclude guavas in your diet.

    Fruits are valuable gifts for our health and guavas are top of them with many wonderful health benefits. You can enjoy guavas in many ways as eating a raw one, juice, topping for ice creams, ingredients for cakes or an addition of the main dish in your dinner. It is too simple to store guavas in the fridge or leave them in room’s temperature; you don’t have to worry about their quality. Just pick a guava and bite on it, you will soon discover its magic for your body.