A 3 year adorable gymnast performance will amazed you

Emma is a three years old adorable Gymnast who started Gymnastic.
when she was 2 and a half years’ old. Emma’s mom (Annie Antje) said she was very clumsy when she was small so she decided to put her into gymnastic.
Emma had talent for it and she picked it up really well.

Image Credit-: ellentube

Emma Rester has 50k followers on Instagram. Her favourite things to do in gymnastics are bars, backbends and back hand springs.

Her favourite gymnast id Gabby Douglas.

She likes her because she has won many gold medals in Olympics. Emma is not afraid of falling as all get back up. Emma’s father is serving the Korean army. She gets to facetime him.

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Emma aired on the show with her mother Annie Antje and talked about how she got started in the sport. Her dad has left behind a “Daddy Kiss Jar”. She gets it one for each day. After the interview Emma performed handstand, kick over and backhand springs on a trampoline. The performance was incredible which wowed the audience and Ellen as well. At the end Ellen surprised Emma with jar of Ellen Hugs.

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Name- Emma Rester
Mother name-: Annie Antje
Location-: El Paso

CheckOut Her Awesome Video

Video Credit-: TheEllenShow

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