15 Most romantic ways to propose your mate

Proposing your love, sounds quite simple right, ask the one who has to face the situation. Lolz. Proposing someone you love is one of the most difficult task you have to go through in your entire life. You aren’t that confident that you will be able to express your love or not.

So, are you in love? Are you going to propose your mate? But how? See, proposing someone has become common thing nowadays. So, you have to be different in order to impress your love. Be unique! Unique ways to propose are about proposing her in a way she’d never expect. It’s about taking the element of surprise to a new level. It combines creativity with a little ingenuity.

For your help, I’ve decided to share the most creative and different ways of “proposing your love”. This will help you to tell your love about romantic feelings for him/her. These unique ways to propose will help you to give her best gift of the proposal she’ll never have to share with anyone else.

One thing you should remember, before you propose your love, is that, you need to work through your inhibition. Another factor to take into consideration is to choose the best possible time to propose him/her.

1.Underwater Proposal

Some people will go to great ideas to surprise their love partner. In this case, one can actually get into an aquarium fish tank to surprise his/her love. Another thing you can do is to take your love in mid of a sea and go under water and propose your mate. But remember, for this proper arrangement are to be made or can prove futile.
underwater proposal

2. Where In the World Is?

In this one, your friends around the world can help you. Tell your mate that you were going to give a special present, but someone stole it and left the country/city /state. The two of you must trek across the world, solving riddles given to you by criminals that lead to the next area. To the end of it, you will finally find the ring and propose to your partner in some beautiful locale!

3. In an Ancestral Marriage Space

This is one of the unique ways to propose. Did her grandma get married somewhere? Her great-grandma? Finding a spot that’s ancestral is the best way one can express his/her feelings. Getting proposed in the same place great-grandparents got married a hundred years ago will impress your partner a lot. This makes it all that much more special.

4. Flower Petal Trail

Make a trail of flowers or flower petals. Greet your love with this when she/he gets home. Now, let’s have a twist on this one, what all lovers do is to propose their love with red roses. Instead, switch out the red roses for whatever your partner’s favourite type of flower is. Want to have an extra effect? Get the place decorated with candles. One thing to make sure is to beware of the fire danger.
flower petals

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5. Hidden Diamond Ring

Want to buy something expensive? According to me go for buying a hidden diamond platinum ring! Being a girl I really know how happy your girl will feel on seeing that. Some rings have fancy latches on them that slide a smooth band platinum over the diamond. Give her the ring in its hidden state when you will propose her. Then, as she’s admiring it, smoothly and glide your hand over the button. She will surely be gasp as she sees the gem inside! The happiness on your love’s face can be seen clearly by you at that time. And what else, you made it!

6. Beach Proposal

Proposing on a beach is the perfect place. With long walks on the beach being totally romantic, it is the ultimate proposal place for people who love the sand and sea and are in deep love too. If you want to add more to the surprise involve your and his/her friend’s too. This is a cute gesture that involves a little more planning. Go to your knees and it’s done. This will be a day that your partner will never forget.
beach proposal

7. In a Bar of Soap

Sounds different, right? It’s not so hard to do. It’s not as lame as it sounds! It really is one of the unique ways to propose. Many places offer custom soap-making if you want to go for this option. Find out your girl’s favourite scent. Get a little trinket that opens. One thing to make sure is that it’s waterproof. Give it to her as a gift. Don’t let her know about the surprise before soap runs out. Then the final, much awaited day will come when the soap runs out, she will open the trinket and there’s the ring. She will be totally surprised to see that.

8.With a Moving Picture Frame

What you need to do is to get one of those digital picture frames. Remember, have each of the pictures inside it be one of the words in your proposal. Bring it out when the two of you are together. Suppose say your partner that you want her opinion on the choice of proposals. As she’s watching the pictures, grab that ring from your pocket and get down on your knee!
Or if you want another unique way to propose, have one of the photos in the frame be of you holding a sign. The sign will be of asking her to marry you! Your mate will definitely feel blessed to have you.
love frame

9. In Her Pillowcase

Before she goes to bed at night, before a nap, or any situation this works best for you in, hide the ring in her pillowcase. When she puts her head down, she’ll feel it against her head. She will wonder what it is. When she pulls it out and she will get amazed and be on the top of the world.
pillow love

10. Love Note Proposal

Bringing it back to the days in elementary school. It was the time when you would pass notes to the girl you liked. You could freely express your feelings. To bring a new twist a guy hand stitched his proposal. The clever way in which he switched out the words is perfect and loved. And there is no way that she could have said no to such a cute proposal.
love note

11. Halloween

A lot of proposals occur over the holidays. Halloween isn’t the first one to spring to mind. There’s no reason why it can’t be romantic though. For this try carving a pumpkin with the shape of a ring! Other unique ways to propose include dressing up like a groom…or maybe a prince, about whom she always dreamt;)

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12. A Prop from a Movie

The stories your girl may love include magic or special rings. You might get her a replica of one of the rings just similar to the ones she saw in her stories. You should still follow this up with a ring from a jewellery store. This will be quite enough to impress your girl.


13.Spell it out in Scrabble or Boggle

You may have to cheat a bit to get the board to read exactly the way you want it. But still, i think she’ll forgive you if the message she’s left with is “I LOVE YOU.“
i love you

14.Call in a Favor

We all have that friend that does something awesome. The one who owes us for something. Take in that favour and use it to come up with a variety of unique ways to propose. For eg: A friend of ours owns a restaurant. So what if you can get the restaurant he owns all to yourself for hours. Another option can be backstage passes to her favourite band.
restaurant proposal

15. Over an Intercom

This is one of my favourite unique ways to propose. This is because it’s so simple and unexpected. You can do this if either of you regularly visits a place with a public address system (For eg : maybe for the younger couples still in college, or at a train station). What you can do is to arrange your message to be played for the whole place to hear while you two are present there together.

So, these are some ways you can express your love for your mate. If found interesting, do continue being a regular visitor to our site for more awesome ideas.