14 Reason Why You should be an Entrepreneur

Before knowing the reasons because of which one wants to become an entrepreneur, we have to understand the meaning of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is a person who instead of joining somewhere as an employee prefers to start his own business with new ideas of his own. There are a lot of reasons why individuals choose to become entrepreneurs. They prefer it over the more common and old route of becoming employees. No one else but only you can decide the life that’s right for you. Definitely, with the uncertainty of entrepreneurship comes a lot of freedom and accountability.

1. New ideas bring new opportunities

Opportunity is definitely the most important reason for choosing to become an entrepreneur. One becomes an entrepreneur when he or she loves doing great work. And that’s what makes the difference. According to famous entrepreneur everything else than this is gravy. Being an entrepreneur you can decide what the work is like. You have great opportunities to get what the work is and what is your role in different situations.

2. You have your own rules

Some entrepreneurs simply want to avoid the daily grind. This all comes along with a career and this isn’t self-sustaining. Fear of failure is what motivates them to keep going. They become scared of going back to corporate sector and being a robot again. There’s a lot of hype about having a flexible lifestyle. In fact the truth is that the in entrepreneurship you have to work really hard and long. Do not think of choosing this life at least if you are thinking it’s a shortcut. You will have to work hard, but there’s much more flexibility to the entrepreneurial lifestyle than the traditional nine to five corporate life people.

Entrepreneurship is definitely not an easy task. It is hard work. But one has to remember that with that effort comes the ability to shape your life how you see fit.

3. Freedom is what you desire

There are people who love to live their life in their own way. In short, they love their freedom. These are those who want to call their own shots, be in charge of their destiny, and have the ability to set their own life. They cannot work under someone else and take their order so the best way to deal with this they become an entrepreneur. In their own business they won’t have to hear anyone all the time and can take any decision freely.

4. Build Responsibility towards society

Responsibility to society
If working as an entrepreneurs, we are always analyzing the state of the world. One is examining the larger stories that are playing out on a global level. As an entrepreneur we are also searching for the places our personal strengths and passions can make an impact on the world. We try to work for the society and improve the standard of living of people thus allowing us to improve society in some meaningful way.

5. Impact of your decision

It is important to know that every action has an impact on the organization. Your designation in the organization effects the impact your decision has. In the same regard if we say that you are an employee in an organization. What you do and what you say has limited impact. On the other hand, if you are the owner or you’re running the company, each and every thing you do can make or break it. Hence, your impact will be deep on the organization.

6. Family comes first

There are some people who love to enjoy their time with their family. Such people do not like to do corporate jobs because they would then have to leave family functions and gathering if not given a leave. So, they prefer to go for self business, so that they can freely enjoy their precious family time.

7. You have will to change the world.

Another important fact here is change. As an employee, one cannot bring changes in the organization. This is so as he has no exact right to do the same. But if he is the owner of the company all the changes will be as per his desire. Nothing can go against his will.

8. Legacy is important

Strengthening a lasting legacy is important for many people. Leaving a personal legacy is a huge motivator in their decision to do entrepreneurial work.

9. You feel accomplished

What makes people truly happy is a sense of accomplishment and that’s the same reason for which one does his task everyday and builds a successful company. Accomplishment gives a feeling of complete happiness and gives honor to a person. So, some people choose to go for self business rather than corporate jobs.

10. You have full control

Some entrepreneurs are driven by the sense of security. This feeling comes along with being in full control of their work. It can called as full assurance of destiny or in normal language security.
I can surely state that it’s not always money that drives people to work hard. So, if you want to be successful and happy take a cue from what drives you.

  • Freedom,
  • Flexibility,
  • Social responsibility,
  • The ability to do great work?

11. You are Creative

Sometimes you may simply find that you don’t fit in a particular job. You can feel frustrating but, if you learn to accept that you are not able to fit into corporate culture, in the same way many of your friends and family do, you can surely discover something beautiful.

12. They’re passionate about learning

passionate about learning
Learning never stops. Many people though get everything but still they love to learn new things. Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the knowledge they have. They always seek more knowledge. If you are among those who find that learning interests you, from formal education to on-the-job discoveries, and you can never know enough about the things that excite you, then you are among those who have best reason to become an entrepreneur.
The entrepreneur which is hidden in us sees opportunities everywhere we look on the other hand there are many people who see only problems everywhere they look. An entrepreneur in us will always be passionate about learning new things rather than being a dull person.

13. They want to do things

The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning. This means to create a product or service to make the world a better place.
The exploration of doing work that changes the world is the thing that drives every entrepreneur. If you find yourself unsatisfied with life entrepreneurship may well be the right path for you. Entrepreneurs learn by doing and exploring new things.
If the status quo is too simple for you, you understand one of the genuine reasons people choose entrepreneurship.

14. They want to change the world.

change the world
Entrepreneurs are not just who want to change their lives instead they are those who want to change the world.
They want to dream and explore things. They want a better world to live in and achieve different things for the same. According to them a small part on their side can work wonders to bring change in the world.

These were the reason why one loves to be an entrepreneur or you can say why you should be an entrepreneur. Do apply them on yourself and bring a change in your life.

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