10 Ways to Win a Girl’s Heart

Love is a beautiful feeling. Every other attraction cannot be regarded as love but yes if you feel you want to be with her forever or you feel incomplete without her, if you don’t want to stay a single minute about her or if you dream of her every single second, man, it’s love. When we love someone the first thing we want to do is to make that person ours and that too for lifetime.

But how can we make her our for lifetime if we even don’t know how to win her heart. So, the first thing you need to learn is to win one’s heart. Your lover should be your life. Your world should revolve around her. And that’s what makes her feel special. There are many ways if you want to make her feel that she is special for you.
Let’s have a look on them:

1. Be pursuant

Win a Girl's Heart
Now here you have to pursue her and that too without the pressure. If i explain in other words you don’t have to try to “front” and be cocky. All you need is to have a conversation first. You need to make her feel that you are interested beyond her appearance. And for this for God sake don’t come up with some crazy pickup line. All you can simply say, “I want to introduce myself…” Show her that you are a true gentleman. You need to be sincere and genuine in wanting to get to know her. It us seen that too many good guys get intimidated by a girl’s beauty up front. You need to do something different. Do take a closer look, and find her true self. And trust me if you can get past this, you’ll have a leg up on the other dumb people. Being genuine and honest is where you excel the most. That is the thing that would regard you as a good guy!!

2. Always behave like a gentleman

Remember boy, girls don’t want to be treated like a queen, all they want is to be treated like a princess. She would never love to be a doormat, she wants you to be the one in charge and that’s it. Do small things for her and she will be all yours. Say you should open every door for her, especially the car door. Don’t forget to pull out her chair and allow her to sit down first when you take her on a date. Another thing to be taken care of when gone on date is that let her order first. Now if we assume that you are walking alongside the street, it should be you, who will be walking closest to the street. And why not should you do this, being a gentleman is being selfless.

3. Be complimentary

Be complimentary
Why shouldn’t you complement her when you know she is beautiful. Say you are the one who says “I told her “You look so beautiful” when we went on our first date. And then I told her how great she looked when I saw her without makeup.” Your feelings and compliments should be real and sincere. It might also happen that she will be testing you to see if you would still like her without makeup. You should love everything in her. And when soever you find something that’s great and worth complementing don’t miss the chance.

4. Be creative in whatever you do for her

Want to impress her completely but your budget is a problem. Don’t worry. You don’t have to spend your entire bank account to impress her. Think something different. I’ve been watching one of my good buddies pursue his girl right. He took her to hiking and waterfalls and then took her to a small yet cute Cafe complete. He’s also taken her to the art gallery and the zoo, which are free. Another idea is to take her to a place full of beautiful mountains and scenarios. This will be how she realise that you want to show her the best of life and really care about her. Moreover, it will give you different experiences that will help you to understand various situations.

5. Try to be intentional

You should always invite her to parties, events, and game nights even if you are planning this with your friends. Do call her everyday. You should send her encouraging text messages. You should tell her you want to be her man. She might not get ready at first but she would have a clear idea about what you want. After this all you need to do is to give her time she needs to think about it. This time should be without any stipulations. And trust me one day or other she will understand your love and will love you back.

6. Speak well of her in front of other people

Speak well of her in front of other people
Always hold her hand. You can feel it yourself that nothing can beat a genuine and sincere compliment. If we talk about backhanded compliment, they might work for a one-night stand. But think will the same work for a long term relationship? According to me this is a poisonous ingredient especially when you are trying to form a long-term relationship. It’s your responsibility to treat her just as kindly and sweetly in front of friends and family as you do when you are alone with her.

7. Be attentive towards her

Always take care to show her that you care for her. You should always be aware of her needs. Do pay attention to all the small details. Remember girls care about the small stuff and big time. For example, if you go on our first date, and you I know that your girlfriend is a vegetarian then prefer to go to a vegetarian restaurant. Even while giving order do listen to what she has to say.

8. Be protective for her

Take care of her and be protective towards her. Never let her walk alone to her car. It may happen that she wants to go on a jog or walk at night, do tell her that you want to go with her to keep her safe. If she’s going to the park at night, go with her. Suppose you’re at a club and she needs to go to the restroom, don’t let her go alone. You should yourself take her there and wait outside the door. Make her feel that you care for her and are always there to protect her.

9. Be a good listener and listen to her

good listener
Do ask questions frequently that include “what,” “how,” and “why.” Emphasize on the fact that if you’re doing most of the talking, you’re not getting very far with her. You have to show her that you care with your body language. Show her that you are attentive towards what she is speaking by repeating back some of what she just told you. So in all you should become a good listener.

10. Be Romantic

Be Romantic
Remember that you are the maker of your love story. So, plan ahead. It’s you who will decide what you want your love story to be? In short, you are the writer. For example if people ask you where your first kiss was and you don’t want her to answer with the driveway or don’t want that you were drunk at a party. You can say that the night I kissed her for the first time, I wanted it to be special so I took her on a long drive. We stood on top of the city. It was a special moment for both of us and I ended up proposing her there.

And the final suggestion I would like to give you is to be yourself. You can never continue for a longer period of time or we can say that you their won’t be much longevity if she’s fallen for a false persona. Leave all this just tell me, why would you want that anyway? You don’t have to be the coolest guy in the place all you need is your confidence. Just be confident that there is no one else like you, so be confident.

In short, all this will lead to a successful relationship. You will win her heart and that’s what you want. So, give a shot and try to be that perfect for her.