10 Self Help Tips to Find Your are in a Healthy Relationship

What does relationship signify?

The Healthy Relationship, not just a word, it’s a life-changing experience. Two people meet and decide to live together, to be each other. The feeling that binds them is “love”. The most irresistible feeling, where if a person tries to show us his love, we can hardly resist it. “Love”, something that changes us, your life completely, you no more feel like before, you feel the difference in yourself. You hardly know what’s going on. All you know is you are too passionate about it. Can do anything for its sake.

A Healthy Relationships, the most delicate situation in which you have to cope up with all the fair and flaws and find out what’s right for you actually. You be with a person, go out have fun, spend joy and sorrows, share your complete life. It’s a heart to heart connection. Promises are made to be together, laugh and cry together, stand and fall together, live and die together.
Seems typical isn’t, but trust me it’s much more complicated.

  • 1. No friendship… No love…

    No friendship... No love...
    Friendship is the base of any relationship. For understanding each other well you have to be friends first then only you can be mates. Your behavior should be supportive just like friends. You should understand each other well. Instead of hiding secrets share everything just like you do in case of your friends. You should be comfortable when your partner is around you, you should enjoy each and every moment just as you enjoy with your friends. But yes, if the story is opposite, sorry! but you are with the wrong one.
  • 2. You always wear a mask

    You always wear a mask
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    You, with the person you love, are completely you. If he’s the true one you need not hide the real you from him. You can b childish, you can be mature, you can be sentimental, you can be strong, you can be weak, you can be brave, in short, “YOU CAN BE THE REAL YOU”. No additional factors, no makeup, no change in behavior or deeds, that’s you. But if you have to wear a mask in front of him and be what are really not, No, he isn’t the one.
  • 3. Planning Future

    Planning future
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    It happens when we are in a relationship we usually make plans about future. Thinking about marriage, life after that, babies, aww sounds childish isn’t, but these all things add up to your relationship. We plan how to meet each other’s family, how to impress them and how to convince them. This is what you do as you think of living together forever. But, if your mate, isn’t interested in any of these feelings, another setback.
  • 4. Respect for Each Other and Families

    Respect for Each Other and Families
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    Yes, this one is a major point in our list. Respect. Guys a person who can’t respect you or people related to you like your family members aren’t really worth. A guy who respects you and your family just as he respects his own is the real hero of your life. He is capable of handling you for the lifetime. So why crying for an idiot, go and find your gentlemen.
  • 5. Lies – Something that Destroys Relationships

    Lies - Something that Destroys Relationships
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    You hate it. Yes, you really do. You love someone wholeheartedly and what you get in return is this shit. You believe, you trust, you do everything do make your relation a success but then you come to know that your partner is a liar. He hides things from you. And suddenly those things come in front of you and completely shatters you. I mean like seriously you still want to be with such a person?
  • 6. Comfort of being with Him

    6. Comfort of being with Him
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    Are you comfortable enough?
    When be you with him?
    When you spend your precious moments with him?
    Do you feel the comforts of being with someone you can rely upon?
    Do you feel you are comfortable to spend your whole life with him?
    Do you feel you can be a part of his lifestyle?
    These are the questions to be answered before living in dreams of being in a true relationship. Ask yourself, get your answers and react accordingly. That’s the way to find out a perfect mate who can be there for you and with you for a lifetime.
  • 7. Not Happy! But Why?

    Not Happy! But Why?
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    Ask yourself. Love is joyous. It’s a beautiful feeling where you have a smile on your face twenty hours. You smile at their little deeds. And even when they aren’t present even their memories, the minute thought of theirs leave you blushing. Yes, it’s love. But, what if the situation is not the same? What if their presence brings sadness to your lives? Do you still think he is the one?
    Probably, No.
  • 8. Your Love wants to Change You

    8. Your Love wants to Change You
    How funny, they say they love you. Hmm.. So, this means they love the real you. Your fairs, your flaws, your mischiefs, your seriousness, your likes, your dislikes, they are in love with everything right?
    Then why will they want to change you? You think that you are not as good as them and want to change yourself for them is a completely different situation. But, have you ever thought why the person who says he loves you wants to change you.
    Yes, darling, that’s not love and he isn’t your man.
  • 9. No Excitement to See or Hear from Him

    No Excitement to See or Hear from Him
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    The very thought of meeting him, the messages you receive from him, they bring a smile on your face, they make you blush. It feels as if there are butterflies in your stomach. The feeling is irresistible. You feel yourself to be on the seventh cloud. Meeting time. You get up early, choose clothes to wear after trying every single dress of yours, you feel your hair, your eyeliner everything should be perfect. But, not the same in every case. There are relationships where people are hardly interested in talking with their partners or going out with them. If yours is one of those, get away.
  • 10. Lastly, The Tit for Tat Game

    Lastly, The Tit for Tat Game
    If he did so, even i will. is this the situation of your relationship? Time to give a second thought over it then. Because when you are in love you neglect his small mistakes. You don’t want to do anything that would hurt him. And that’s the true love.

Being a youngster I very well know that I how the situations go. How each and every moment of joy and togetherness fill your life with happiness. How being special for someone, completes you. On the contrary, fantasy, it ruins you. You think you love a person but it’s not love. It’s just fluctuations. In some time you come to know that the person you are thinking to be with for a live time, it’s really worth.

But since, we aren’t mentally strong enough, we usually neglect the small things that are fair enough to prove the fact. Let’s have a look on such behaviors of your mate that will prove him not worthy.

we just fall in love. Keeping aside all the circumstances we have to go through. We even forgive the person fir something that completely broke us. But guys that shouldn’t happen every time. If seriously you face above situations please, bear your life and happiness. And find someone who makes you feel like the prince/princess of his/her world