10 easy to handle dogs with low maintenance cost and perfect for your lavishing life

People nowadays use different ways to live lavishing lives. From new cars to houses with best interior, everything has become an important part of lavishing lives. Another one to this is keeping dogs as pets. Choosing dogs to be a part of our life is best decision. Dogs are most faithful animals. They can be a man’s best friend. If kept with care, they are the most helpful too.

However, it is difficult to spend all the free time grooming, training, and cleaning your house because of the habits of your dog.

So, here we are with the 10 superb dogs that are easy to handle and perfect for your lavishing life. These are the super low-maintenance dog breeds. These can be perfectly right for you.

Before having a look on them let’s have a look on why are these dogs called low maintenance.

What’s Low-Maintenance actually ?

1. The most annoying one : Dog hair everywhere!

Some dog breeds just explode fur continuously. It is regardless of how much brushing is done. Nothing works on them. Many breeds are low shedders. They make our low-maintenance list. Let’s take an example : Someone comes to your home. Your guest sits on your furniture. He suddenly gets up due to the hair of your dog on the furniture. Isn’t it embarrassing? Won’t they feel how dirty is the house?

2. The second one is the grooming tangle:

Don’t want to become an expert dog groomer. There are lots of dog breeds that require very less time each week for grooming. If you love dogs but are not able to take out time, these are the best options. A quick brush of the coat a couple of times a week, teeth brushing daily, and nail trim every two to three weeks, this is what’s required.
Grooming dogs

There are many dog breeds that need moderate exercise to stay healthy. A little ball throwing or walk/run every day is best.

3. The third one is that they are smart and ready to show :

The dog breeds that have made our low-maintenance list are easy to train. They don’t require any harsh regular training. They can learn new skills quickly. So,once or twice taught, they learn it forever.

Learning all this about them,let’s have a look on them:

1.American Staffordshire Terrier:

These are great people dogs. They really want to please their special human. They love to be in their company. They are very intelligent. Training is a must. But need you need not to spend much time. The Staffy can also be headstrong. It is for this reason that a confident person in charge is very important for it. They have an easy-care coat which just once-a-week brushed is all needed to keep them looking good and fabulous . These are very affectionate fur kids.
American Staffordshire Terrier


The next one in our list is a German pack hound. The Rotti loves companionship. It can make out to be your best friend. It loves spending as much time with his humans as possible for it. Spending time includes going out with you, sleeping with you, watching TV with you and all, all these activities are loved by Rottweiler . They are smart and quick learners as once they pick up a skill they will retain it. They have a calm nature. They are usually slow to find their voice. Some of them even don’t bark until two to three-years. Brushing a couple times a week will keep their short coat perfect .


Pugs are ancient Chinese dogs bred. They sit on the laps of royalty. Their place is always with you being petted. They require to be preferably fed continuously. This might be because they haven’t forgot their royalty. They can pack on pounds quickly. They enjoy grooming. This is good because they are moderate shedders. Exercise to them is too simple. It includes moving from one cushion to another. Yet, they need at least a short walk daily. Pugs cannot tolerate heat above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This is due to their smushed in nose. They are not outdoor dogs so you are advised to always leave your Pug indoors in warm or cold weather. Above all is their cuteness, their cuteness can make your day out.


There are some who think Boxers are not a very intelligent breed but our thinking is just the opposite. As it is said ‘practice makes a man perfect, same can be said in its case too’. Just keep practicing those basic skills you taught her as a puppy. This will make your fur kid a loving and happy member of your family for her whole life. They love to give slobbery kisses, crawl in your lap. Weekly brushing keeps shedding to a minimum and talking about exercises, daily moderate exercise is required for this breed.


This is a very affectionate breed. But this is independent too. It will not be your Velcro dog. Still, it will want your attention when it wants,so your keen attention is must. Good basic training is essential for this intelligent dog. This is done so that clear division of responsibilities is known. His coat is easy-care. It only requires a good weekly brushing. But, his eyes and ears will need regular attention. Bloodhound is best with kids. But if we say kids, we mean older kids, as they are best due to the size of grown dogs. Bloodhounds must always be kept in a tightly secured yard.

Keep your thinking out of the box for satisfaction and security


Beagle is really one of the most popular breed. It is an excellent family dog and there are several reasons behind the fact. So, let’s have a look on few of them. They are friendly, happy, cute and loving. They love to be with you. They love to snuggle with you in bed. They also love to hang out while you watch TV or read. They prefer the indoors. They are easy to train. They learn faster when the lessons are interesting. Another thing to include here is to provide a good food reward for good work. They require some form of daily exercise; it may be a walk in the neighborhood. They must have a securely fenced yard. The reason is that otherwise they will follow their nose to who knows where. Their coat is short. It doesn’t require more than brushing once a week. They are known for howling but Beagles aren’t really barkers.

7.French Bulldog

French bulldogs are true people dogs. They really crave human contact. They will keep you entertained for hours, soon they can become your best and favorite entertainer. They don’t need a lot of physical activity. Little exercise and training will work for them. All you should remember is, don’t take them swimming without a life preserver. This is because they can’t swim! Their bodies are so heavy and little that they sink. The short, soft coat make their grooming requirement too low. They can overeat, so watch out. Cuddle time in bed and on the sofa is their favorite pastime.
French Bulldog

8.Rhodesian Ridgeback

Ridgebacks are super smart. They have a high desire to please their people. They have sharp minds. Learning and practicing new skills will keep their mind engaged. This will keep them out of trouble. They have beautiful sleek coat. It requires minimal grooming. It will still need weekly care. They need moderate exercise. They would make great running companions. They are very quiet dogs. So, if it barks you should investigate the reason behind it. In addition to above all, they are loyal, loving companions.
Rhodesian ridgeback

9.Italian Greyhound

Greyhounds are devoted and loving companions. They prefer a one-on-one relationship with their human friends. That can be a one person pack or family. To the exception small children should be supervised because these charming dogs are fragile. A warm home and climate are ideal for them. They enjoy having blankets to snuggle under on the couch. They are happy with a big bed. Iggys are clean. They do not require much grooming. This is due to their short and fine fur. Walks through the neighborhood every day is enough for them. They do require a securely fenced back yard and leashes.
Italian Greyhound

10.Boston Terrier

Boston is a cute and funny little dog. It loves a good play session with children. It also loves a nice cuddle on the couch. She will not be a running partner for you . Overheating is an issue for this breed. All you require is to keep her cool in the summer and warm in the winter. These are smart dogs. They do well in obedience training and competition. Terrier will be your loyal and loving defender. They are quick to bark at unfamiliar sounds.
Boston Terrier

Dogs are believed to be the most faithful animal. It is a friend, a companion actually one can say that the best companion for humans. In the lavishing lifestyle, it has definitely became a status symbol. People love to have dogs in their huge houses but on the other hand are not ready to waste their time in training them or cleaning out their houses time and again. So, here above are those few breeds you can look upto if you want to avoid the same.